Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Restart (MG)

Chase doesn't remember falling off of the roof, Chase doesn't remember anything!  He gets to reboot his life, now what he does with it is his own to make for better or worse, but what he finds of his old self is a shock to his new self.  When school starts some kids treat him like a god and others like a demon the only problem is Chase finds he doesn't want to be around those that treat him like a god he finds them cruel, he'd rather hang out with the other kids but they are afraid of him for some reason, and he must earn their trust.  Even his own little sister is scared to be around him.  As Chase gets his memories back he must decide which Chase he is going to be the one he wants to be or the one he thinks everybody thinks he is.
This was a very interesting book and I am sure many of us wishes more bullies could suffer amnesia and turn out like Chase but this is not that kind of world but books do let us escape those worlds for a while and that is an awesome thought.  I also love how they spent time with Mr. Solway and brought him out of his depression from his wife dying.  Overall a awesome book, except for the huge mistake in the first place by Chase, Bear and Aaron thinking they would ever get rich selling a Medal of Honor, jokes on them because you can't sell a Medal of Honor, no one would touch that on with a ten foot poll. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Game Alive (YA AUDIO)

Jake has build a cool new Virtual Reality (VR) game and gets his friends to play, but when their friend Kari doesn't come out of Xaloria and the police start asking questions, Jake and Des go back to find out where she is and bring her home.  What they don't count on is the that the non player character have taken over the game and want out and have Kari, trapped until someone helps them out.

This is a really cool gamer, action book. The VR world that Mr. Ellington has laid out is spectacular, and there is fun, danger, and action around every corner no wonder the kids got hooked so easily I did as well listening to them play the VR game thought the talented voice of Darren Marlar as I had the audio version of the book and if you like audios  or want to try one out I suggest this as Mr. Marlar does a heck of a job with the characters in the book and bringing Xaloria alive.  This book was great I hope there are more only because I am a total sucker for gamer books and this one was awesome so I'd would love to see more of Jake and his friends in this world.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Russian Deception (ADULT AUDIO)

Nick and Selina are honeymooning on the islands and crew are resting up after a stress few months.  When things start looking funny to Director Harker.  So the Director pulls in her team and sends them out to investigate only to find  things are worse and not what they appear, but when are they ever.  By the time they figure out the whole plan will it be to late to stop nuclear world destruction, or will Selina's Russian 1/2 sister spy help out, to save her country as well? 
Alex Lukeman is a mastermind of writing these awesome books.  They are action packed, suspenseful, and keep you reading well past your bedtime or in my case since I had the audiobook with the awesome narrator Jack de Golia kept me listening well past my bedtime and time to go in the house and at work and and and.  Mr. Lukeman writes of all these cool things happening, Mr. de Golia makes you feel as if you are there experiencing them.  They are a awesome duo I hope stay together for a long time.  Please Please Please  I really enjoy being part of The Project.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Flash: Speed of Darkness (Rebirth) (GRAPHIC NOVEL)

Just as our favorite super speedy friend Barry is starting to be overrun by all the rogues showing up in Central City a new speedster appears to help, but from who knows where?  Following on volume ones footsteps volume two dives right in with awesome action, suspense and illustrations!  D.C. has really done a great job with their writers and illustrators, I have really enjoyed all of their rebirth series graphic novels, it is so much fun reading comics as an adult, I really hope they allow me to continue to review their different series. 

Monday, May 22, 2017


Series: Dark Soul Series, Book 1
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Novel
Cover Designed by Mae I Design

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An ancient legend draws them together.
His dark soul will tear them apart.
Sometimes the only fairytales that exist are the dark ones.
For the past two years, Hope Annandale has fought to hold onto her sanity. Plagued by voices and visions, she struggles to understand what’s real, and what’s an illusion. As the lines between reality and hallucination blur, Hope discovers things that shouldn’t be real, suddenly exist. When Hope’s world falls apart, figuring out the secrets of her past becomes a matter of life and death. And the only one who can save her is the dangerously attractive demon prince, who is bound by an ancient legacy to betray her. The fate Stone has fought to escape is here. With destiny on one side, and desire on the other, Stone must protect Hope from the one thing he can’t hide from, his birthright.
What if the one person you were meant to be with could never be yours? Stolas, the first novel in the Dark Soul series is a riveting tale of passion, danger and forbidden love. Intended for mature readers 18+ due to language, violence, sexual situations and dark themes.

| About the Author |

Randi Cooley Wilson is an author of paranormal, urban fantasy and contemporary romance books. Randi makes stuff up, devours romance books, drinks lots of coffee, prefers champagne, and has a slight addiction to bracelets. She currently resides in Massachusetts with her daughter and husband. For more information visit: http://randicooleywilson.com

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The Warrior Monk: A Seventeen Series Short Story (ADULT AUDIO)

This short story is told through the eyes of Brother Yonton a Buddhist Monk, even though his ways most of the time cause his Abbott much grief.  But this time while tracking down leads to another problem the monks are working on he comes across someone much more important and sacred to him and his brothers and what is worse is she seems to tied in somehow to the original problem he was working on as she keeps showing up in all the same places. 
This was one action packed short story, it never stopped.  I loved Yonton from the start and I hope we see more of his brother in the future.  This is another great short story to help the main novels along, a glimpse into the lives of other characters, a tangent if you will.  But all the same awesome.  Narrator of the audiobook, which should not be missed, Michael Bower is great, he puts you right on the streets watching Yonton and Alexa chase each other with matching skills bounding from building to building, watching the two fight back to back with nothing more than a look to know that they are on the same side.  Mr. Bower's is really that good, don't miss out.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Slade: Team Greywolf Series Book 1 (ADULT AUDIO)

Cricket, a runt, works with Team Greywolf passing as a human and collecting evidence.  But because of her low rank she is also chosen to help look after Prince Slade who is suffering after his entire pack was murdered.  Cricket doesn't want to babysit Slade but finds herself falling for him which is bad as a runt and a alpha can never be together.  Complicating things more they are sent together on a mission to investigate missing werewolves and that is where things go very wrong.
This is a fast moving, exciting, action packed, twisting and turning, edge of your seat kind of book, so be prepared.  Slade and Cricket will keep you on your toes and waiting for more after each and every chapter and if you are lucky enough to have the audiobook narrated by Christine Padovan, well than you will know what it is like because she transports you right into their world, you are always right there with Slade and Cricket crying and cheering them on.  Ms. Padovan does such a awesome job, one not to be missed.

Horizon (MG)

A race for survival after a very suspicious plane crash, eight young teens, some very different than the others, need to learn to work together if they are to live.  The first thing they figure out is that it was very odd that they were flying over the artic but crashed in a jungle. As they explore their surroundings even more, all they find are even more questions and danger around every turn.
This is another awesome Westerfeld book, and one can only imagine how much fun the game will be to play, being part of the team and working together to get out of the jungle and to return home. This multimedia platform might make it especially pleasing to reluctant readers. This book is full suspense and action and that it is a great start to an awesome series.  I really can't wait to see what happens down the trail to these young friends, I hope I get to write more about their explorations and adventures, but no spoilers here.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fire Water: Black Magic Outlaw Book Five (ADULT AUDIO)

I am coming a little late to Cisco Suarez party as it seems I am jumping in at book five but it is ok as I figured things out pretty fast.  Especially when someone, Connor Hatch, try's to kill you at your daughter birthday party, yeah that kind of warrants a retaliation. Humm, and the black is there too.
Domino Finn has a great series and book on his hands, it is full of action, suspense, and so many twists and turns you will never know what is coming next, and with narrator Neil Hellegers lending his voice to all the characters to make the book into a story told to people in that wonderful way of making people feel as though they are a part of the story themselves just makes it a even better experience.

Oh and Cisco I really hope it is not the end of the line, please I'm late but I do want more.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Candle Star (MG AUDIO)

I'm not sure where to actually place this one, it is either a coming of age story or a finding her way story or maybe a bit of both, as little southern belle, Emily, has been sent to Detroit to live with her northern Uncle for a bit so he can give her something that her parents were not able to give her, ha ha discipline, for one.  But we also find that her belief in slavery is very different than that of most of the town people that she needs to learn to live with and around.  But there are still some that think like her and would like for her to spy for them, what will Emily do?
This is a very well thought out book with lots of action and suspense and if you get the audio version narrator Fred Wolinsky will keep you on the edge of your seat with his awesome portrayal of all the characters and how he can take you through their world and everything that is going on like you are really there with them, it is so unbelievable.  I really liked this book it showed a different side of the slave issue coming from the north.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Warden: Book 1 Wendigo Fever (MG AUDIO)

When Errol's brother, the warden, goes out on a job one night but doesn't return Errol is force from apprenticeship into being a warden fast. Besides taking care of the town he is to protect he also wants to find out what happened to his brother.  It is no secret Wardens die young, but not usually without a trace, so he sets out to find out what he can and one of the towns girls goes with him after she kind of gets him in a lot of trouble with a revenant.
I don't want to say to much for fear of spoilers, but it is a wonderful book filled with twists and turns, action and suspense, ooh and ah has.  Kevin  Hardman has really done himself proud with this one and I am very happy that the title says Book 1 Wendigo Fever, that leaves me with much hope that there might be many more adventures for Errol, Grace and Tom.  If you are lucky enough to have listened to this awesome story narrated by Mikael Naramore than you know already about his magical voice and how he transports you to place and makes you feel as though you are a part of the story right there helping if you can.  If you haven't tried one of his audios yet you really should give it a try.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


In the future German is how Hitler envisioned it a utopia for the people all though it is a just a illusion, and when some of the people find out there is a revolution. 
This was quite a different take on history and how it could have possible proceeded, I found the characters interesting and as well developed as  you can get in a novella.  I think this would have been a much better full size book as the novella leaves you clamoring for more.  Narrator Keith O'Brien does a awesome job with the audiobook version keeping all of the characters separate and the level of action up throughout.  This was a good book, it just leaves you asking the author for a sequel, please. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Night Witches: A Novel of World War II (YA)

This is one of the best historical fiction novels I have read for young adults and middle graders.  This is not only one of my favorite periods of time but it also has a women as the main characters and they fly planes, what more could any girl ask for?  It would also be those same girls readers that grew up on author Kathryn Lasky's Guardian of Ga'Hoole series as younger children that would be the ones that would really enjoy this book.  I realize the book is technically labeled young adult, and I think it is because there is some language, but in truth I believe it is nothing middle graders haven't heard or said before, and it is war, people say things and people die.  Valya and the rest of the characters are well thought out as is the backdrop and research, everything comes together like a well oiled U-2 flying through the night.  Thank you Ms. Lasky for bringing a forgotten unit back into a spotlight they never liked so we can all remember them for what they did for all of us.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Evermage: The complete (YA AUDIO)

Mithris is a wizard apprentice and he hates doing the same thing everyday.... until....  the day comes when his masters tower is attacked by another wizard and Mithris is to run away with his masters 2 most prize possessions.  But to overcome the challenges he will face, he must dig deep inside himself and find the strength and courage to become what he never thought he would become, but can he do it in time?
This was a really great story, at first I thought it was just a wizard vs wizard story but than it went so much further beyond that.  The  action and adventure just rolled throughout the whole book and narrator Faust Kells did a awesome job with all the characters, so if audiobooks are your thing you will love this one, it is one not to be missed.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dodgers (YA)

This started out as a regular road trip coming of age story, as East a 15 year old gang banger from LA is sent, along with his ½ brother Ty and two other gang members to kill a judge in Wisconsin.  But it is his story along the way that makes this story very different than any other you have read before.  This book is amazing and literally and figuratively takes you on a great ride, hang in there through the beginning and you will be rewarded by this awesome book.

I received this book from Blogging for books for this review.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (ADULT)

This is a book that explains the universe from the black holes to the big bang and quarks to quirks so anyone can understand it.  Don't get me wrong I am sure the author Neil DeGrasse Tyson would be honored if you read the book straight through and understood and retained it all, but I personally think the book was meant to be read in chunks here and there as you can, on the bus or train on the way to work or maybe over lunch than you can think and digest that part you read for a while before going on to next.
I enjoyed this book and found it was easy to understand (most of it) and I really appreciated the humor that Mr. DeGrasse Tyson adds to the subject I especially liked the violation of momentum law, I know I won't ever forget it now.  So if you have ever wanted to know a bit more about astrophysics or how the earth was formed and life began but where afraid to ask, this is the book for you.

The Pearl Thief (YA)

Julia wakes up in a hospital and knows this will be a summer break like no other.  Upon learning a bit more surrounding her injury she comes to believe it wasn't a accident at all.  This turns into a whopper of a mystery that no gang of kids could ever solve or could they?  Anyways it is a action packed, suspenseful, and one heck of a wild ride that Julia takes you on, all the while showing you her Scotland.  As a prequel to Code Name Verity, you learn where Julie starts to learn her spying skills. 
I really love all of Elizabeth Wein's books, if history had been this interesting and fun in school I might have done much better, and definitely gotten better grades.  These are not girly books but at the same time I love that her main characters never looses site of who they are or what they want, just awesome strong female main characters that everybody will fall in love with and cheer for.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Chosen: The Rune Gate Cycle Book Two (YA AUDIO)

Alex and her friends are now trapped in Douglas' world after trying to help him stop a man killing people.  So now they are all traveling to the capital city in hopes there is still a way back to their own world, and to warn the queen of the man killing innocent people to cross between the worlds, but the queen has her own plans.
This is another action packed, wonderful book in the Rune Gate Cycle series.  This book is just as fast paced and suspenseful as the first book.  Mikael Naramore is also back narrating this book showing off his wonderful voice talent as he brings this book to life through his awesome narration.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sensation A Superhero Novel (ADULT AUDIO)

Jim grew up watching super heroes, and wanted to be one when he grew up, I mean who didn’t at one point in their childhood.  Only thing is Jim had the right stuff to become one, he had super powers, and lots of them.  However, when it became time to try out the  worse happened and he had to go into hiding, Kid Sensation became a Sensation alright, but not in a good way.  But fast forward a few years and now the Kid is just doing things on his own and doing fine, until his mom and grandfather want him to mingle with the other super kids, and that is when things went very wrong again.
This is an awesome superhero book, it is all about superheroes starting out as kids and some of the stress and pressure put on them to succeed.  The character were all so well written and believable in this wonderful action packed, suspenseful, trap set plot that has so many twist and turns you will forget which way it up book.  I had the audio with Mikael Naramore narrating and that made it that much more special.  Mr. Naramore has a way with the characters, he shapes them with his voice so you know who  is who and then sucks you into the story world so you really think you are there right along with Jim and the rest of the gang, it is just wonderful. This is a great book and made that much more awesome as an audio, so if you like superheroes this is a great one for you, I just can’t wait to see what happens to the Super Sensational Gang next.

Friday, April 14, 2017


This is a wonderful anthology of a bunch a great authors that came together to scare your pants off so snuggle down with your favorite drink and leave a light on tonight and you just might want another person in the house as you read through some of these stories.

The Nightmare of the Bunnyman 
Michael Bunker
This is really one you want to leave a light on for, don't let Mr. Bunker's easy going manner and nice charm fool you this story is very demented. All I am going to say.

Final Entrance
Nick Cole
We all have that favorite Broadway show or opera, and a few not so much, but how would you feel if the death scene turned real one night, but the actor didn't die  just came close but than had to relive that night every day, over and over. 

RE: Revolution and the Radiant Time
A.K. Meeks
What if growing old didn't happen any more, no more debilitating diseases either, would you do it?  What if there was a backdoor, maybe one the developers didn't tell you about, but someone knows, someone always knows these things?  This story is as much thought provoking as it is scary and disturbing, and defiantly not one to miss.

Precious in thy Sight
Kevin G Summers
"Do you know where you are going to go when you die?" Have you ever heard of a succubus? Well let me introduce you to a musician named Galen and his angel/monster/demon that he accidentally downloaded, yep downloaded and is now stuck with.

This is just four of the amazing authors you will get to read in this anthology that will have you questioning if you should add some more night lights around your house and how many.

After Impact (YA)

One hundred years in the future, after an asteroid hits the Earth, Avalon Adams awakes in the HOPE Habitat, but it doesn’t take her long to figure out the plans her father had are not what has happened along with other very strange things going on.  Her father’s last words to her now echo in her head, trust no one, but surely her one friend, Ilium can be trusted, or can he?

Oh my gosh, this book is chalked full of action, suspense, and twists and turns.  I am convinced at times I really did not know which way was up but didn’t care as long as I could keep turning the pages.  This book was awesome and I can’t wait for book two!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cody the Destroyer King of Toads (MG AUIDO)

Cody is mad because his mom committed him to go to Briana’s birthday party and Cody hates Briana.  So Cody decides to take her a big box of toads for a present.  But when he and Josh go into the swamplands to catch the toads they find a really cool cave.  It is in this cave that Cody finds a secret that will change things for a long time and Briana’s birthday as well.

This book was cute and I think it reminds me most of the books along the lines of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  I really liked narrator Jon Diienno’s depiction of how things are, and the voices he gave to everyone.  He made me see the story and the world it was happening in through his words and his voice.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Pound of Flesh (ADULT AUDIO)

Roy Morgan, Atlanta detective by day (ok that is a cliché since detectives work 24/7 for the most part, but hang with me) and ½ demon, ½ warlock by night (see sounds good, huh?).  But today he stopped a robbery that turned out to be a bit more than the normal robbery, turns out the robbers where demons too and they were out to get the district attorney.  So Roy and Gary, Roy’s imp, set out to protect and save her, oh did I mention how pretty she is, sorry guess I forgot.

This is an interesting book, it the first time I think I have read a book with a ½ demon ½ warlock cop with an imp sidekick in it, but it worked out well.  There is a lot of metaphors in the story so prepare yourself but you get used to it pretty fast, it becomes part of Roy’s charm, but I have to say I really wouldn’t mind a Gary for BFF, he is always there in a pinch.  The narrator, James Foster, for the audio version of the book does an awesome job, I hope he as well as Roy and Gary are back soon for more demonly disasters.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Lucky Dime (ADULT AUDIO)

Hobbs is a professional thief, but he takes on this job even though it is not his usual gig.  But when things go bad and the bomb blows he makes plans to meet up with the girl, him reconnect with the girl, what is wrong with him, what was he thinking?  I guess we will have to get soaked to find out, as Soak is the sequel.

This was just a quick novella to get you in the mood for the upcoming Soak.  It was a great intro to the wonderful Mr. Hobbs, and his girl, Grace.  This fast pace action, suspense, thriller will leave you on the edge of your seat and clamoring for more.  I had the audio narrated by the wonderful author himself, I know sometimes this doesn’t always work out but this time let me assure you it did and was very good, and I hope to be able to hear and review more of his audio sequels in the future.

Ren a Monster's Death (ADULT AUDIO)

Ren is back and this time the love of his life is fighting for her life against cancer.  So Ren being Ren has decided to take on God and we will have to see if his journey takes him where he hopes his heart wants to go.  In this, the last book of the Ren series I feel like I am losing a part of myself, I have grown to think of Ren as the monster that lives in me, the one I can’t let out, but that inner voice that makes all the snarky comments in my head that if anyone actually heard I would be fired and have very few friends.  He is the person I wish I really could be sometimes but am too nice to ever be.  Ren you are loved and will be missed by so many more people than you will ever know.  This series has been so awesome and such a wild ride I hate to say goodbye so we won’t.  I hope Lucian grows up really fast so there will be many spin offs and soon.  Also, narrator Tim Campbell, is so great, his way with Ren and these stories is phenomenal, if you have never listen to one you have to give it a go, he really is the best around.  There will never be another Ren Lewis.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Nolan (YA AUDIO)

Nolan high school superstar, awesome secret service agent, now blind leech.   But all he really wants is to see Caleo to reach his full potential and take his rightful place, as the one true leader.
I have actually had this audio for several months but have put off listening to it, not because I thought it was bad for any reason, but because I knew this was the end of Caleo’s story, and I knew this would make me sad no matter how it ended.  James Crawford took a chance on a lowly dyslexic blogger trying to get started, and I loved his book, it was as diverse as I was, in many different ways, but still diverse and I loved it, I don’t want it to end.  This part of the story was action packed and suspenseful as all the others and the twists and turns will keep your head spinning all the way to the end.  Jason Lovett the narrator of the audiobook does a wonderful job with all the different characters, giving them different voices and personalities through his tone and inflection.  He makes you feel as though you are a part of the story, as if you are really there in the story with Caleo and his friends.  This is really a wonderful series and I really hope author James Crawford thinks about a spin off series or something that keeps the Leech world alive.